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Bits of Beauty

Taking a brief moment to share with you some of the beautiful things I’ve stumbled upon lately…

This essay: I always enjoy reading Pico Iyer. His recent essay in the NYTimes, The Snake in the Garden, is a wonderful holiday reminder to relax and live in the moment.

This song: Have you listened to any of the podcasts from NPR’s Winter Songs series? They asked viewers to pick a song that represents winter for them and send it in with a story. My favorite episode was the one with this Brandi Carlile song.

This artist: I recently stumbled upon a great artist that I had never heard of before. Romare Bearden created colorful, primitive collages that absolutely leap off the paper and grab the viewer. The Smithsonian has a traveling exhibit featuring a series of pieces illustrating Homer’s Odyssey – I’m desperately hoping that it comes close to Denver. In the meantime, I’m considering ordering this book.

This product: Tub Tea…the name alone lures you in. Picture a giant teabag floating in your bathtub. Part relaxing, part quirky. I felt like I’d fallen into Alice in Wonderland.

(Image above from Tub Tea website.)


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