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Festive + Advent

advent570For our family, this weekend kicks off the holiday season. We have a full slate of festivities lined up – the Victorian Christmas at 4 Mile Historic House, a craft fair at the neighborhood church, and a winter walk through the woods with friends.

What are your plans to celebrate the start of the holidays?

Alas, I think that Griffin will be too young for an Advent calendar this year. However, I’m excited by all the wonderful ideas floating around in blog-land! I thought that I’d share three of my favorite Advent calendar ideas, in case you’re looking for inspiration.

Oh Happy Day: Basically just start scrolling. Jordan has come up with a plethora of creative and exciting ideas. My favorite is this one, which makes use of a big Christmas tree fabric photo from Ikea.

Black Eiffel: Talks about a tradition of reading one holiday book a day for Advent. Be still my beating heart! This is definitely something I want to do with Griffin next year.

The Etsy Blog: This one is not for the faint of crafty heart…stitching skills are required. But, I love the idea of a calendar that will stay with you year after year. You can fill the pockets with gifts or just with wishes for the new year.

Cheers and happy (almost) December!

(PS Image above is from the Etsy blog)


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Have a spooky Halloween

For his first Halloween, Griffin is dressing up as a bear. (!!) I’m so excited. I really want to take a video of him crawling around on the floor, making his “rawr” noises. I also can’t wait for trick-or-treaters tonight. It’s our first Halloween in the Highlands and I’m curious how many people stop by. In the meantime…I thought I’d share some great Halloween links:

This story: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving, is my all-time favorite spooky story. Remember the first time you heard about the headless horseman? I still get chills when I think about walking alone on a dark fall evening…

This song: Danse Macabre, by the composer Camille Saint Saens. The idea of skeletons getting to come out of the ground and cavort around is fantastic.

These costume ideas: If you’re scrambling at the last minute, Oh Happy Day has some wonderful children’s costume plans. Isn’t this cloud one adorable?

(Vintage poster picture from the Hamilton Wood Type Museum.)

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Snow and childlike wonder

We had our first snow of the year last night – I loved it. There is something magical about sleeping with the soft shushing of snow falling against the window. Equally wonderful is the moment when you wake up and look outside. How much has fallen? I always feel like a small child again as I pull aside the curtain to take a peek.

This morning, the roads were clear and everyone went about their business. As someone who is new to snow, I’m still adjusting to this reaction. Growing up in Texas, everyone took the day off on the rare occasion we were graced with a light dusting.

I cannot wait to introduce Griffin to snow. What will he think of it? At eight months, he may be too young to fully appreciate it. That’s okay, we have time. And, now that we’re in Denver, we will have lots of snowy days to revel in.

What are your favorite childhood memories of snow?

Cheers, Amy

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