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Denver Museum interviews 9-year old for top curator job

DMNSHow cool – the Denver Museum of Nature and Science recently interviewed a 9 year old for their  open head curator position. Totally awesome that they would go to such lengths to nurture a budding interest in paleontology and museums. Fingers crossed for him!

Cheers, Amy

(PS image of DMNS found here)


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Strange Brewing – be a brewer for a day!

Really cool opportunity to be a ‘brewer for a day’ at Strange Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado. Apparently, you get to select the recipe, brew alongside Strange’s brewmaster and share it with 10 friends when ready. It’s a silent auction and the minimum bid is $250…so a little outside my price range… But it sounds like it would make an awesome holiday present for someone who really values unique experiences and loves beer.

So where do you get this cool excursion? The Wildlife Experience, a museum in Parker, CO, is having a gala this weekend (November 3) and their silent auction items are available for public bid online. You can bid on Strange Brewing here. If you want to check out the full silent auction, look here. Not sure when the online silent auction ends, but guessing you should have the bid in before Saturday, Nov 3 to be safe… Good luck!!

(Full disclosure – I write grants for the museum, but wasn’t involved in planning or promoting this event. I’m posting about it because it’s just a really cool opportunity for the local Denver beer enthusiast…)

Cheers, Amy

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Ridiculously exciting small victories

You know those days when small victories are all that matter? I’ve started having a lot more of those since I became a mom.

For example, I recently put “brush teeth, shower, eat lunch” on my to do list for the day…then became ridiculously excited when I got to check all three items off.

Is that sad? Or just mommyhood reality? Either way, I’ve learned to embrace the small victories and enjoy the moment.

Cheers, Amy

(Image from here.)

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Bits and pieces

This month marks the one year anniversary of our cross-country move to Denver, Colorado from Portland, Oregon. When we moved here, I was entering my third trimester. We didn’t exactly have jobs (yikes!), just a good contract that would help my husband start his own business. For the first two months, we bunked with the in-laws while we searched for a house. People talk about pregnant women ‘nesting’, where they compulsively organize the nursery. Forget nesting – I was just hoping to find a nest before the wee one arrived.

Twelve months and a million changes later, my husband and I have a beautiful eight month old baby boy named Griffin. My husband’s accounting and consulting firm has taken off (phew), and I have a wonderfully flexible part-time job doing development work for a local museum.

We found our perfect nest just in time. We moved into a 1940s home in the Highlands last December. Okay, so we’re still unpacking…I plead the newborn excuse on that one (and likely will for the next year!). I’m okay taking time to settle. We love the neighborhood – family friendly, with lots of parks and local restaurants within walking distance – and plan to stay here for a long time.

At eight months into babyland, I feel as though I’m finally starting to get my feet back under me. We are starting to recover on our sleep – a very important milestone for my sanity. Also, I’m beginning to figure out my new identity as a mom.

So, long introduction, but that’s a bit about me. I plan to write regularly on this blog about my life in Denver and my journey as a mother. I hope you’ll share your thoughts and comments as we go.


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