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Denver Museum interviews 9-year old for top curator job

DMNSHow cool – the Denver Museum of Nature and Science recently interviewed a 9 year old for their  open head curator position. Totally awesome that they would go to such lengths to nurture a budding interest in paleontology and museums. Fingers crossed for him!

Cheers, Amy

(PS image of DMNS found here)


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Colorado Gives Day

footer_promo_givesday120412Today is Colorado Gives Day – do you have your charity picked out?

It’s easy to get caught up in the mad rush of the holidays. I think it’s important to take a step back now and then to focus on giving back. I love living in a state that goes out of its way to dedicate a day to this important idea.

On December 4, the Community First Foundation and FirstBank team up to challenge the people of Colorado to give back and to give locally. You can go on the Giving First website and pick a charity by name. Or, you can sort through by cause. Over 1,000 local Colorado nonprofits are included.

I plan to donate to 4 Mile Historic Park. I’ve worked in nonprofit development and I know how difficult it can be for cultural nonprofits to get funding in a tight economic climate. I will also donate to Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies. I have several friends who volunteer their homes to foster animals through this group – I want to support their efforts and also help find loving homes for the surprising number of dogs who are abandoned by their owners.

Give a little or give a lot – the gifts add up. Last year, Colorado Gives Day collected over $12 million dollars. And, it’s the perfect way to pause and reflect on the spirit of the holidays while making a difference in your local community.


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Soldier Care Boxes – A great way to give back

I recently wrote about my addiction to Tallgrass Spa. Quick update post – they are doing a very cool project for the holidays called Soldier Care Boxes.

The idea is to send care packages to soldiers serving in Afghanistan. You can contribute in several ways. You can spend a few minutes writing holiday messages on stacks of cards while you relax in the great room after a treatment. There is a also a discreet basket for toiletry donations up by the front desk. Tallgrass is allowing visitors to purchase Aveda products at-cost – meaning they don’t make a profit – to donate to the care boxes.

I think this project is such a great idea and I applaud Tallgrass for their efforts. What a wonderful way to give a little something to people who are giving quite a bit of service to their country. The care boxes are scheduled to be mailed on November 19…which means there’s not much time left to contribute! If you need an excuse to head out to Tallgrass this week, consider supporting the project.

Cheers, Amy

(PS – Photo pulled from the press release.)

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Holiday Relaxation – Tallgrass Spa

I always get a little stressed out around the holidays. November and December are my favorite months of the year, but they always seem to fly by at a breakneck pace. I’ve started to plan ahead, to make sure that I get chances to relax. (Isn’t that a weird part of modern life? That we have to schedule relaxation?) One of my big indulgences is a trip toTallgrass Spa.

Tallgrass isn’t exactly a secret – it frequently receives top reviews in local and national publications. Buried up in Evergreen, out on Upper Bear Creek Road, you would think they would get less traffic than they do, but they always seem to be busy. (Hint – if you call to schedule same-day appointments, you get a 15% discount.) Continue reading


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Strange Brewing – be a brewer for a day!

Really cool opportunity to be a ‘brewer for a day’ at Strange Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado. Apparently, you get to select the recipe, brew alongside Strange’s brewmaster and share it with 10 friends when ready. It’s a silent auction and the minimum bid is $250…so a little outside my price range… But it sounds like it would make an awesome holiday present for someone who really values unique experiences and loves beer.

So where do you get this cool excursion? The Wildlife Experience, a museum in Parker, CO, is having a gala this weekend (November 3) and their silent auction items are available for public bid online. You can bid on Strange Brewing here. If you want to check out the full silent auction, look here. Not sure when the online silent auction ends, but guessing you should have the bid in before Saturday, Nov 3 to be safe… Good luck!!

(Full disclosure – I write grants for the museum, but wasn’t involved in planning or promoting this event. I’m posting about it because it’s just a really cool opportunity for the local Denver beer enthusiast…)

Cheers, Amy

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