About the blog…

This blog contains a little bit about my life, plus some odds/ends about motherhood and Colorado. I also post the occasional piece on things or people or events that touch an aesthetic chord in me.

I grew up in Austin, Texas and spent most of my twenties in Portland, Oregon. Along the way, I acquired a husband, a BA in English, and a MS in Writing. While I was in graduate school, I worked for a student publishing house called Ooligan Press. I’ve also spent time managing communications for a large maritime industrial company and teaching scientific writing to grantseekers at a major research university. In 2011, my husband and I moved to Denver, Colorado to be closer to his side of the family as we welcomed our first child.

I’m glad you stopped by the blog and welcome your thoughts/comments! I can’t promise to post every day…at least not yet with the baby!!…but I will try to post a few times each week.

A word about my sponsors – I use this blog as an avenue to support my family. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough to create relationships with some great sponsors. Please know that I will always disclose if I am posting about a product or company from whom I’ve received compensation.

If you are interested in sponsoring thiscoloradomom.wordpress.com, please feel free to email me.


3 responses to “About the blog…

  1. mrsmooney27

    Looking forward to reading your blog. My husband and I are going to be visiting Colorado in 6 days and hopefully moving out there around April or May next year! 🙂

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