Holiday Relaxation – Tallgrass Spa

I always get a little stressed out around the holidays. November and December are my favorite months of the year, but they always seem to fly by at a breakneck pace. I’ve started to plan ahead, to make sure that I get chances to relax. (Isn’t that a weird part of modern life? That we have to schedule relaxation?) One of my big indulgences is a trip toTallgrass Spa.

Tallgrass isn’t exactly a secret – it frequently receives top reviews in local and national publications. Buried up in Evergreen, out on Upper Bear Creek Road, you would think they would get less traffic than they do, but they always seem to be busy. (Hint – if you call to schedule same-day appointments, you get a 15% discount.)

I’m addicted to Tallgrass, and not just for the treatments. They have the most beautiful, relaxing great room I’ve ever seen. I’m not exactly a spa novice, but this room has it all. Cozy furniture arranged in nice, private sitting areas. A gorgeous view of the mountains. Soothing hot Aveda tea and cool cucumber water. I could easily spend an entire day just hanging out in there.

They also have amazing facials. Since I moved to Colorado, my skin has become very dry – the facial aesthetician actually winced and asked if I was using *any* moisturizer at all when she looked at my face before the treatment. I love how relaxing and hydrating the facials are at Tallgrass. Also, there’s no awkward moment at the end of the treatment. They give great advice on beauty routines without pushing products.

Do you have plans to relax over the holidays?  I would love to hear your ideas.

Cheers, Amy



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2 responses to “Holiday Relaxation – Tallgrass Spa

  1. Dear Amy,
    I was so happy to get up this morning and read your blog about Tallgrass. We try very hard to awe and inspire (our mission statement) every guest and it seems that you’ve enjoyed your services and our staff. I would love to meet you on your next visit if possible!. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season that is not TOO crazy! Thanks again,
    Gail Ridings (Tallgrass owner)

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