Strange Brewing – be a brewer for a day!

Really cool opportunity to be a ‘brewer for a day’ at Strange Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado. Apparently, you get to select the recipe, brew alongside Strange’s brewmaster and share it with 10 friends when ready. It’s a silent auction and the minimum bid is $250…so a little outside my price range… But it sounds like it would make an awesome holiday present for someone who really values unique experiences and loves beer.

So where do you get this cool excursion? The Wildlife Experience, a museum in Parker, CO, is having a gala this weekend (November 3) and their silent auction items are available for public bid online. You can bid on Strange Brewing here. If you want to check out the full silent auction, look here. Not sure when the online silent auction ends, but guessing you should have the bid in before Saturday, Nov 3 to be safe… Good luck!!

(Full disclosure – I write grants for the museum, but wasn’t involved in planning or promoting this event. I’m posting about it because it’s just a really cool opportunity for the local Denver beer enthusiast…)

Cheers, Amy


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