Snow and childlike wonder

We had our first snow of the year last night – I loved it. There is something magical about sleeping with the soft shushing of snow falling against the window. Equally wonderful is the moment when you wake up and look outside. How much has fallen? I always feel like a small child again as I pull aside the curtain to take a peek.

This morning, the roads were clear and everyone went about their business. As someone who is new to snow, I’m still adjusting to this reaction. Growing up in Texas, everyone took the day off on the rare occasion we were graced with a light dusting.

I cannot wait to introduce Griffin to snow. What will he think of it? At eight months, he may be too young to fully appreciate it. That’s okay, we have time. And, now that we’re in Denver, we will have lots of snowy days to revel in.

What are your favorite childhood memories of snow?

Cheers, Amy


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